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The Menard Messenger
December 29, 1921

We, The Colored People of Menard will have a Chicken Supper Saturday night, Dec. 31, 1921, at Eva James house for the benefit of building our church.  Everybody is accordantly invited.  One supper 60 cents consists of chicken, potato chips, fruit salad, cake and coffee or chocolate.  Supper sent out 50 cents.  Orders for supper sent out must be sent in early.  Don't forget the date.  Don't forget the place and Don't forget to come.  We Thank You.


The Menard Messenger
Vol. XV, No. 26
June 15, 1922

Dark Town Gets in Action

Sunday night about nine or ten o'clock Sheriff F. M. Slaughter was aroused from his slumbers by the frantic ringing of the telephone and summoned to hurry to Dark Town where a dusky dame had gone on the war-path armed with a razor and was making sausage meat of the inhabitants thereof. The Sheriff hurriedly donned his clothes, buckled on his artillery and breastplate and rushed to the scene of action. Upon reaching the sector of disturbance it was found that Bill Peoples, chef in the Spring Cafe, had received a long and ugly wound in the left side and a deep gash in the right temple caused by a blow with a stick of stovewood. It seems that Eva James had become incensed at some alleged misconduct on the part of some member of Bill's family and arming herself with the national weapon of her race, sallied forth to wreck vengeance.
An examining trial was held Monday morning and the offender was held on two charges-aggravated assault and assault with intent to murder and her bond fixed at $250 and $500 respectively which was made and she was released.

The Menard Messenger
July 30, 1931


W. C Kiehne has a building minus one plate glass and some marble base-trimming as the result of a confused Negro woman's driving. She drove up and, supposedly, through confusion placed her foot on the gas feed instead of the brake when she started to park. The little active and agile Ford hopped sprightly upon the curb, then on the sidewalk and with a bound crashed into the glass front.

Little damage was done to the car, and from general outlook Kiehne may be the loser to the tune of about sixty dollars. That's the third similar accident of that sort which has happened in that business section of town.

Ed Bean shoots and kills Presiliane Flores

Jail Break Attempt


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