Menard County Texas

Menard County Texas
Cleo or Old Catholic Cemetery



This Cemetery has been called various names in Menard.  I have heard it called "The Old Catholic Cemetery", "Decker Cemetery" and "Cleo Highway Cemetery".  Located on the south side of town, take FM 2291 (Cleo Hwy) west off Hwy 83.  About 1/4? mile down, you will see a flag pole to your right.  (You will really have to be looking for this since there's no flag flown and it looks like much of the pasture land surrounding it)  

This cemetery is in sad disrepair.  I walked it about 1998 and while a few headstones were still readable, there are MANY burials that are unmarked or the markers are unreadable.  Another gentleman transcribed this cemetery in 1989 and stated there were around 79 unmarked graves and 3 illegible.

The difference between this 1989 transcript and my transcript 10 years later are:

1.   Wilheminia (Wartenbach) Decker burial, location unknown.  I found nothing to prove this. 

2.  "Anita Gonzalez" that died February 2, 1929....I did not locate a headstone to verify this except for the headstone of Juanita Gonzales whose dates do not match this listing.

In the latter part of 2002, I went back to this cemetery.  I noticed that some vandalism had been done and I took took pictures of what remains in an attempt to preserve the burial information.

If you have family buried in this cemetery which aren't listed below, please consider contacting me.  It's a very sad thing when all existence of a person's final resting place is lost for future generations of family researchers.

(Note: Click on person's name to see a picture of their headstone as taken when I transcribed this cemetery)

Alphabetized by Surname




Aguirre, Cliofas .1825. .1934.
Bara, Ramona Saiz .1905. .1942.
Deanda, Irene .1910. .1918.
Deanda, Juanita .1883. .1921.
Decker, Amandees L. November 13, 1864 April 23, 1882
Decker, Daniel Tho's November 23, 1900 February 17, 1902
Decker, Louis October 20, 1861 April 02, 1903
Decker, Ludwig J. September 22, 1836 June 29, 1898
Enrriquez, Maria L. January 23, 1882 April 03, 1931
Flores, Lusita C.   February 16, 1920
Gonsalez, Juanita R. May 06, 1926 August 31, 1930
Gonzales, Estevan R. December 23, 1892 October 18, 1940
Hernandez, Manuelita December 25, 1907 February 28, 1944
Orta, Juan .1903. .1939.
Perez, Marie Socorro June 11, 1918 September 14, 1930
Rodriquez, Bruna Menchaga .1874. .1924.
Rodriquez, Dario H. .1867. .1941.
Scholz, Joe R. January 22, 1894 May 13, 1907
Serna, Perfecto  No dates No Dates

Torres, A. F. 

(no marker located in 2002)

.1903. .1922.
Zamora, Florencio .1879. .1939.

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