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Please note that the below names are from an old rough draft. I will be correcting/updating this information as I work the cemetery again taking pictures with a better camera. While I prefer not to put cemetery info/pictures online until I have them completed to my satisfaction.....I decided that those of you who have been waiting for this cemetery probably think incomplete information is better than "no information"!

Please check back periodically for corrections and updates.

Aguirre, ?
Aguirre, Bill
Aguirre, Dominga
Aguirre, Ines Neumans?
Aguirre, Ofilia
Alcoser, Paula
Alexander, Jessie L.
Alexander, Margarita G.
Bermea, Ezequiel
Bermea, Maria de Jesus
Bermea, Maria Rita
Bermea, Rodolfo R.
Bermea, Sostenos M.
Canales, Celso
Canales, Maria
Constancio, Barbara
Cordova, Herminia
Cordova, Jesus
Cottrell, Crissa Kaylynn
Cruz, Dela Zapata
De La Rosa, Luciano
De La Rosa, Maria
Deanda, Amalia Ortegon
Deanda, Barbarta
Deanda, Fecundo Flores
Deanda, Guadalupe F.
Deanda, Luisa P.
Deanda, Luisa Ramirez
Deanda, Martiniano R.?
Deanda, Martiniano?
Deanda, R. Paul
Deanda, Victoriano F.
Del Toro, Armando
Elizaldi, Manuel L.
Enriquez, Eloisa G.
Esquivel, Aldo A.
Esquivel, Carmen
Estrada, Felecitas E.
Falcon, Betancourt A.
Flores, Anrea R.
Flores, Antonia C.
Flores, Cruz C.
Flores, Guga C.
Flores, Margarita S.
Flores, Pedro G.
Flores, Thomas F.
Florez, ?
Florez, Maria A.
Florez, Pedro H.
Gamez, Abundia Pena
Gamez, Namez Baldomero?
Gamez?, Roger P.
Garcia, Antonio
Garcia, M. Aniseta
Garcia, Mrs. Juanita
Garcia, Santos
Garza, Anita G.
Garza, Antonio "Tony"
Garza, Jesus
Garza, Manuel R.
Garza, Samuel U.
Garza, Sara Del Rio
Garza, Sophie M.
Gonzales, Carlos R.
Gonzales, Carolina
Gonzales, David
Gonzales, Delfina L.
Gonzales, Doris
Gonzales, Grace
Gonzales, Guillermo B.
Gonzales, Juan P.
Gonzales, Juanita
Gonzales, Lores
Gonzales, Margarita G.
Gonzales, Martha
Gonzales, Nasario C.
Gonzales, Pedro
Gonzales, Petra S.
Gonzales, Rojelio
Gonzales, Romana
Gonzales, Ruben
Gonzales, Santos R.
Gonzales, Susan
Gonzales, Vera Rodriquez
Guerrero, ?
Guerrero, Epifanio
Guerrero, Joe Jr.
Guevara, Christopher "Che"
Gutierrez, Castolo
Gutierrez, Ray A.
Hernandez, Antonio
Hernandez, Daniel
Hernandez, Debra Ann
Hernandez, Domingo
Hernandez, Edida C.
Hernandez, Joe
Hernandez, Lupe M.
Hernandez, Maria
Hernandez, Nancy Lee
Hernandez, Nicanor S.
Hernandez, Pedro
Hernandez, Salvador A.
Hernandez, Santos Jr.
Hernandez, Tiofila D.
Hernandez, Tony Joe
Laing, Biviana Rio
Laing, Genaro
Lara, Silviano
Lara, Soledad Chapa
Lora, Juan
Luna, Jesus Aguero
Martinez, Guadalupe
Martinez, Q. Tomas
Morales, Gracia Urteaga
Morales, Michael
Morales, Pablo
Morales, Pedro
Morales, Senonita P.
Moralez, ?
Morton, Ronald A.
Ortega, Thomas E. Jr.
Ortego, James L.
Ortegon, Bartolo
Ortegon, Herminia
Ortegon, Maria Idolina
Ortegon, Nieves Sanchez
Pena, Charlie G.
Pena, Juan B. Sr.
Pena, Pablo R.
Pena, Rafeal G.
Pena, Sadie G.
Perez, Antonia
Perez, Celestina M.?
Perez, Elvira
Perez, Ernesto
Perez, Florentino
Perez, Hipalito P.
Perez, Jesus
Perez, Joram
Perez, Manuel
Perez, Silvestra
Perez, Simona S.
Quintero, Micaela
Quintero, Patricio
Quiroz, Marta Eloise
Quiroz, Santiago R.
Quiroz, Santos E. Sr.
Quiroz, Tazia Lupe
Quiroz, Teresa E.
Ramirez, Antonio G.
Ramirez, Rosa S.
Ramon, Higines Garza
Ramon, Hisidoro G.
Ramon, Mary D.
Ramon, Rosa H.
Ridriques, Agapito P.
Rios, Ben Sr.
Rios, Rubert
Rodriquez, Genobeba R.
Rodriquez, George M.
Rodriquez, Jamie
Rodriquez, Jesus
Rodriquez, Jimmy Jr.
Rodriquez, Jose S.
Rodriquez, Lesa A.
Rodriquez, Sipriana
Rosas, Domenga G.
Rosas, Ignacia G.
Rosas, Juan
Rosas, Katie
Rosas, Manuela
Rosas, Rafael
Rosas, Santiago G.
Ruiz, Estella
Ruiz, Irma
Ruiz, Marie
Ruiz, Olivia
Ruiz, Rubin
Ruiz, Yolanda
Saiz, Alex
Saiz, David
Saiz, Manuel R.
Saiz, Sammy Lee
Saiz, Virginia
Salas, Luis
Salas, Lupe
Salas, Willie F. Sr.
Salazar, Gertrude
Sanchez, Irene P.
Sanchez, Isabel
Sanchez, Lazaro R.
Sanchez, Margarita V.
Sanchez, Margarito V.
Sanchez, Natalia Garcia
Sanchez, Pedro
Sanchez, Rafael
Sanchez, Rosa
Sanchez, Sam
Sifuentes, Ernest
Sifuentes, Rosa
Ureteaga, Juan J.
Urteaga, Antonia M.
Valdez, Anita Perez
Valdez, Cynthia
Valdez, George V.
Valdez, Jose P.
Valdez, Manuel
Valdez, Nazario
Valdez, Nocloasa O.
Vargas, Apolonio
Vargas, Maria
Vargas, Mary
Vargas, Pedro
Vargas, Rosa F.
Vasques, Jose E.
Vasques, Margarita G.
Vasquez, Estanislada
Vasquez, Garbriel?



NOTE:  While I strive for accuracy in all transcriptions, please be advised that typing errors may be present.  I would suggest you always verify my online information with a copy of the actual record.

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