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Opp-Bihl Cemetery

Pictures and Information donated by Lori Bihl Dunn

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The Opp/Bihl Cemetery is located in Menard County, Texas on PRIVATE property and is not accessible without the owner's permission.

In 2008, Lori Bihl Dunn was allowed to visit this cemetery Listed first are the people Lori identified as being buried there and some of their headstone pictures. Following that is a link to take a pictorial tour of the cemetery with Lori's description of the conditions, grave layouts and some biographical information on some of the individuals.

Many Thanks to her for sharing this with Menard researchers!!


Headstones for Individuals Buried at Opp/Bihl Cemetery

Bihl, Ameal
Bihl, Charles Edward
Bihll, Frank E.
Bihl, Johnny A.
Bihl, Mary Susan Eastwood
Bihl, Nathaniel S.
Eastwood, William L.
Opp, Infant Son of H. B. and Mary E.
Sheen, Baby
Wheeler, J. E.
Willie P.H.


Lori Bihl Dunn's Pictorial Tour

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Alicia's Notes: I have always heard this cemetery called the "Opp Cemetery". Harold Opp lived in this area until around 1936-1938 when he moved to San Diego, California...and I assumed members of his family were buried there. It wasn't until Lori kindly shared her information with the site that I learned that a large portion of the "marked" burials were members of the Bihl family. Further research shows other possible burials at the Opp/Bihl Cemetery:

The Menard Messenger
Vol. 10 No. 26
Thursday, April 26, 1917

(page 12)
Alfred Jones, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones, died last week of appendicitis and was interred Friday at the Opp cemetery.

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