Menard County Texas

Menard County Texas Pioneer Rest Cemetery Index

The Pioneer Rest Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Menard.  Located on Hwy 83 South of the San Saba River, it is very easy to locate and is marked with a state historical marker.  I transcribed this cemetery about 1998, and haven't updated any burials since then.  

Unfortunately, this cemetery has been victim to vandalism over the years so I am going to begin "photographing" headstones in an effort to preserve them for future researchers.  As I get them, they will be added to the site and a link will provided here.

NOTE:  If you have any information or pictures that could help us identify the NUMEROUS unmarked burials in Pioneer Rest Cemetery, please contact me.  It's a very sad thing when all existence of a person's final resting place is lost for future generations of family researchers.

Alexander, Beatrice (Simpson) (picture)
Alexander, Ernest M. (picture)
Alexander, James (Find-A-Grave)
Alexander, Joab L. (Find-A-Grave)
Alexander, Little May (Find-A-Grave)
Alexander, Martha E. (Find-A-Grave)
Alexander, Martha J. (Find-A-Grave)
Allison, Anna Lee (picture)
Allison, Cecil W. (picture)
Allison, Clara Marsalite (picture)
Allison, Cora Ellen (picture)
Allison, John Fleeman (picture)
Allison, M. E. (picture)
Allison, Mary Elizabeth
Allison, W. W. (picture)
Allsup, Mattie C.
Arnett, Mary M.
Autrey, John C.
Autrey, John C. (II)
Autrey, Laura Lea
Autrey, Mary C.
Baird, Lee Russel
Baker, Andrew W.
Baker, B. R.
Baker, Billie Joe
Baker, Claiborne
Baker, Eliza Jane
Baker, Gwen Dale
Baker, Herman R.
Baker, Joe Frank
Baker, Robbie Pauline
Baker, Stephanie
Ballou, Elizabeth
Barnett, Samuel Houston
Barsch, Alice Jones
Beauchamp, Rex
Beauchamp, Rita
Beddow, Robert Pulliam
Bellah, C. E.
Bellah, Samuel H.
Benchoff, Albert Joseph
Benchoff, Daniel T.
Benchoff, Edmund Frederick
Benchoff, Ethel Branch
Benchoff, Mary Connolly
Benchoff, Mary Ernestine
Benchoff, Mary Ethel
Benchoff, Thelma Jayne (Hanratty)
Benchoff, William David
Benet, Daniel
Benton, J. M.
Benton, Mrs. J. M.
Bevans, Addie B.
Bevans, Anna Somersville
Bevans, Harold H.
Bevans, infant (son)
Bevans, infant daughter
Bevans, J. Portus
Bevans, James
Bevans, James A.
Bevans, Joe Bailey
Bevans, Mabel Grandstaff
Bevans, Maude Olivia
Bevans, Petie
Bevans, William
Bevans, William (III)
Bevans, William Peter
Bevans, Zuma V.
Beyer, Adolph
Beyer, Alvian G.
Beyer, Edward Brown
Beyer, Ellen
Beyer, Fannie May
Beyer, Raymond Wyatt
Beyer, Sarah Arvella
Beyer, Willie A.
Beyer, Winnie V.
Bigham, Bettie
Bigham, John M.
Bishop, J. W.
Bishop, John C.
Bishop, Sarah A. E.
Boles, Arthur Cewall
Bonham, Lucy
Bradford, Ace
Bradford, Adam
Bradford, B. F.
Bradford, Bennie Burl
Bradford, Birda
Bradford, Catherine Ann (Glasscock)*
Bradford, Eda J.
Bradford, Fay
Bradford, George H.
Bradford, George Washington*
Bradford, Infant
Bradford, Infant Daughter
Bradford, James "Jim"* Carberry*
Bradford, James M.
Bradford, John Wesley
Bradford, Joseph Adam
Bradford, Laura Forrest Harryman
Bradford, Laura Virginia (Placker)
Bradford, Luda E.
Bradford, Mary E.
Bradford, Mary Elizabeth
Bradford, Mary Jane (Ellis*)
Bradford, Mary Nancy (Kemp)
Bradford, Savannah A.
Bradford, William "Billy"* Peter
Bradford, William J.
Bradford, William M.
Braly, Annie Mae (picture)
Braly, Howell L. (picture)
Braly, Mary Elizabeth (Knotts) (picture)
Braly, unknown
Braly, unknown
Braly, unknown
Braly, William Foote
Brandon, Mary A.
Brazeall, Laura Louella
Brazeall, R. Elmer
Brazeall, Sina C.
Breiten, Alice Lucille
Britt, Sampson
Brown, C. C.
Brown, Lovena Hanson
Brown, Nell Virginia
Burleson, Vera E. (New)
Byrd, Eliza Jane
Byrd, Garrett
Byrd, Stella
Caldwell, Edith Speck
Caldwell, Howard W.
Callan, Clara
Callan, Francis A.
Callan, Infant
Callan, James
Callan, James J.
Callan, John B.
Callan, Joseph T.
Callan, Louis G.
Callan, Margaret (Sheen)
Callan, Marion Hayden
Callan, Marion Martin
Callan, William J.
Campbell, T. A.
Cannon, J. H. "Jim"
Cannon, James Ralph
Cannon, Lilly
Cannon, Robert A.
Cannon, W. A. "Bill"
Carmichael, Camilla Jayne
Cathing, Marvin H.
Chadwick, Clamenza
Chadwick, unknown?
Chapman, Infant
Chapman, Nancy Jane
Chapman, Rose Ann
Chastain, Alcy (picture)
Chastain, Infant boy (picture)
Chastain, L. M. (picture)
Cheves, Infant
Cheves, Infant
Clark, Clara
Clark, Eula Lee
Clark, Jessie M.
Clark, Minnie
Clark, S. Arthur
Clark, Tom Sam
Coffy, (numerous burials)
Coffy, C. O.
Coffy, unknown
Coffy, unknown
Coffy, unknown
Coffy, unknown
Coffy, unknown
Coffy, unknown
Cornelius, Ida
Cornelius, J. T.
Cowand, Alviena
Crawford, Alice
Crawford, Ella L.
Crawford, I. C.
Crawford, Iva Inez
Crawford, J. H.
Crawford, Jack Avery
Crawford, Jobe W.
Crawford, Mamie L.
Crawford, Martha Ann (Braziel)
Crawford, Vada G.
Crawford, Vell V.
Crawford, William H.
Crowell, Amanda Caroline
Crowell, George Hilary
Crowell, Infant Son
Crowell, Lee
Crowell, Lois
Crowell, Perry
Crowell, Walter
Crump, Mary Ann
Crump, Mary Gilman Hanson
Culp, Milley L.
Cummings, R.
Cunningham, J. J. (Jessie James)
Damron, Alice
Davis, Ila Mae Bradford
Davis, Laura Belle
Davis, Mary Augusta Higginbotham
Dayton, John Cooper
Decker, John H.
Dexter, George Watson
Dexter, George Watson
Dietz, Maria Katharina
Dodd, James Wm.
Dragoo, Narcissa
Dupree, J. T.
Dupree, W.M.
Durgan, Nell White
Eaker, John B.
Eaker, Rachal B.
Ellis, Ace
Ellis, Adelaide Conner
Ellis, Alsie Dora
Ellis, Beulah
Ellis, Billie
Ellis, Boyce
Ellis, E.S.
Ellis, Easter A.
Ellis, Ed
Ellis, Elton
Ellis, Fred A. Jr.
Ellis, Frederick Arthur
Ellis, Georgeann
Ellis, Gilbert
Ellis, Helen Lee
Ellis, Infant son
Ellis, Irve Wilson
Ellis, Jesse James
Ellis, John A.
Ellis, Mary
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Mildred
Ellis, Otto William
Ellis, Priscilla
Ellis, Rena
Ellis, Senora Agnes
Ellis, Sie
Ellis, Sie Jr.
Ellis, Thelma
Ellis, Tomie
Ellis, William B.
Estes, James Irven
Felter, Mary
Felter, Purse L.
Fenley, Dr. W.M.
Fenley, Maggie J.
Fenley, Myrtle Elizabeth
Findlay, Franklin A.
Findlay, infant
Findlay, Jr.
Findlay, Molly Nixon
Flack, James
Flack, Kate H.
Franklin, J. W.
Franklin, M. E.
Fulkerson, Mary C.
Fulkerson, William W.
Furr, Edna
Gay, Annie E.
Gay, infant son
Gay, infant son
Gay, Louisa J.
Gay, Thomas A.
Gay, Thomas A. Jr.
Gentry, Fannie (picture)
Gentry, Lee Roy (picture)
George, Dr. B.O.
Glasscock, Edy
Glasscock, Eliza R.
Glasscock, Emmit J.
Glasscock, John A.
Glasscock, L. B.
Godfrey, Blanche (Patton)
Godfrey, Mary Frances
Godfrey, Richard J.
Godfrey, Richard James
Godfrey, Ruth M. (Lewis)
Godfrey, Sarah Jane
Godfrey, William Clayborne
Graham, Bob
Graham, Charles W.
Graham, Cynthia Adaline
Graham, Gussie I.
Graham, infant (son)
Graham, J. R.
Graham, John
Graham, Mary Frances
Graham, Rufus
Grant, Sarah E.
Green, Maude (Bevans)
Grimes, Lena A.
Hadley, Jessie C.
Hale, Bessie
Hale, Mrs. C. V.
Hale, R. P.
Hale, Robert
Hale, W. D.
Hall, Elva Ora
Hall, F. S.
Hall, Felix G.
Hall, Hervy Franklin
Hall, Irene A.
Hall, Mabel Jane (Mears)
Hall, Patsy Ruth (Murchison)
Hall, Rena
Hamilton, Horace J.
Hamner, Aline Lewis
Hancock, Exah V.
Hancock, William T.
Hancock, William T. Jr.
Hardwick, Lennie
Harris, Abner C.
Harris, Annie
Harris, Mrs. Ella Olivia
Harryman, Ida (Crowell)
Harryman, Louis Wesley
Harryman, Maggie
Harryman, Willie
Hartgraves, G. W.
Haygood, Elise K.
Haygood, Macy
Haynes, David M.
Haynes, Mary L.
Haynes, R. L.
Haynes, Walter E.
Head, Elizabeth (Hendrix)
Heaton, G.V.
Heimann, Mary E.
Heimann, Traugott
Henderson, Jim
Henderson, Mack Donald
Henderson, Merle (Murchison)
Henslee, Little Joe E.
Higginbotham, Jiles W.
Hill, R. W.
Hill, Sallie (C.or E.)
Hockensmith, burial???
Hockensmith, burial???
Hockensmith, P.H.
Hockensmith, Phillip
Holmes, Joseph B.
Holmes, Nell M.
Howell, Carrie
Howell, Lennie Irene
Hughes, James Ira
Hughes, Mrs. James
Hunt, Ruthie Lee
Hunter, Infant female
Irwin, P. H.
Ivy, Henry Welch
Ivy, Lee
Ivy, Serrah Elizabeth (Stewart)
Ivy, Tommie Welch
Jackson, Cecil C.
Jackson, James David
Jackson, John
Jackson, Nydia
Jackson, Richard Earl
Johnston, Luda
Johnston, William
Jones, C. R.
Jones, Lovie (Patton) Higginbotham
Jones, Mary Ellen
Jones, Mrs. C. R.
Jones, Willie Agnes (Braly) (picture)
Keith, Bennie B.
Kincaid, Mrs. Louisa
King, Patsy (Haynes)
Kirkpatrick, infant (son)
Kirkpatrick, James M.
Kirkpatrick, Mattie C.
Kitchens, Francis M.
Kitchens, Henry R.
Kitchens, Inez Viola
Kitchens, Jemima Adeline
Kitchens, John P.
Kitchens, Marion R.
Kitchens, Minnie F.
Kitchens, Richard Marion
Labeff, Curtis O.
Labeff, Mary Agnes
Landers, Georgiana C.
Landers, Grover W.
Landers, Hortense Rogers
Landers, John Brooks
Lankford, Farrel W.
Lankford, J. D.
Lee, Alice R.
Leistikow, Annie
Lewis, Hallie D.
Lewis, Hettie Harlan
Lewis, John L.
Lewis, John T.
Lewis, Natha Bosworth
Lewis, Nina B.
Lewis, Stella Mae (Highsmith)
Lewis, William M.
Lewis, William W.
Ligon, Bettie R.
Ligon, Lee
Ligon, Lucy Lee
Ligon, Robert S. "Bobby"
Ligon, Robert S. Sr.
Ligon, William Killough
Lloyd, Mary F.

Logsdon, Willie Fenley
Long, Infant
Looney, Matthew Runnels
Lovelace, Irene Gay
Low, Maudie L.
Low,? Unknown
Low,? Unknown
Loyd, Ellen E.
Loyd, Walter Lee
Luckenbach, Anna
Luckenbach, Fritz
Luckenbach, Henry N.
Luckenbach, Perry
Lynch, Nancy
Maddox, C. F.
Maddox, David W.
Maddox, Delbert
Maddox, Fleta H.
Maddox, Lula M.
Mann, Birdie
Mann, Callie
Martin, Annie Lee
Martin, James E.
Martin, James Lee
Martin, O. B.
Martin, Peggy (Ellis)
Matthews, Roena
Matthews, Texana
McConnell, Florence
McConnell, J. P.
McCorhle? (McCorkle?), Ellen
McCulloch, Ann
McMullen, Cora A.
McMullen, Elliott D.
McMullen, James
McMullen, Sherman N.
McMullen, Virgil M.
McMullen, Virgil M.
McMurtrey, Sarah
McMurtrey, Thomas
Mears, Ann Lou
Mears, Camilla
Mears, Ed L.
Mears, Edward Lamar Jr.
Mears, Emma Seiker
Mears, Emma W.
Mears, Herbert H. Jr.
Mears, Herbert H. Sr.
Mears, John Wellington
Mears, Joseph Milton
Mears, Joseph Wellington
Mears, Kate Darnell
Mears, Lucy (Eckardt)
Meixner, Mrs. Mary Lois
Mercer, Rev. Richard
Milam, W. L.
Miller, August J. (picture)
Miller, Clarence J. (picture)
Miller, Cora (picture)
Mohler, Carter B.
Mohler, Eva
Mohler, Mildred B.
Montgomery, Anna Hall
Moore, Craig Lewis
Morgan, Baby
Morgan, Rubin
Morgan, Rufus
Murchison, Allen
Murchison, Andes Henry
Murchison, Annie K.
Murchison, Birdie S.
Murchison, Clayton Edward
Murchison, Edward R.
Murchison, Glen
Murchison, Ike
Murchison, infant (male)
Murchison, Jacquelin Dupre
Murchison, John B.
Murchison, Johnnie
Murchison, Lee R.
Murchison, Leona
Murchison, Maurice
Murchison, Meta
Murchison, Mina P.
Murchison, Nora Lee
Murchison, William K.
Murray, Jeff F.
Murray, Mary A.
Nelson, Mrs. Lizzie
New, Allie
New, Callie
New, George W.
New, Gladis
New, Mollie
New, Raymon
New, Ruby
New, Weston Decarry
New, William
Newman, S. M.
Nixon, Asa
Nixon, Augusta F.
Nixon, J. F. "Bud"
Nixon, James B.
Nixon, James H.
Nixon, James M.
Nixon, Joe
Nixon, John W.
Nixon, Kathryn (Evans)
Nixon, Mary Ann
Nixon, Miles A.
Nixon, Norma Estella
Nixon, Ora Cody
Nixon, Vernor Beatrice
Nixon, William Robert
Nixon, Zilpah E.
Oliver, Erah Miller
Oliver, John Haygood
Oliver, unknown female infant
Oliver, Vivian
Oliver, William Lewis
Pape, Caroline L.
Parker, Clarence Raymond
Parker, Earline "Taky"
Parker, Modella
Parker, Oran Vivian
Parker, Orron Dellan
Patterson, Mrs. Ewing
Patton, Augustus Benjamin
Patton, Gussie
Patton, J. E.
Patton, Mrs. Lillie
Patton, Sarah Annie (Lee)
Pecram/Pegram, Amos Luther
Phillips, Jessie M.
Pope, Izora (picture)
Pope, Ronnie Franklin
Pope, Walter W. (picture)
Powell, James C.
Priest, Alice M.
Priest, Annie W.
Priest, Clara E.
Priest, D. T.
Priest, Roy Earl
Priest, William A.
Probst, Nellie V.
Prugle, Johanna
Railsback, George Wesley
Railsback, L. D.
Randolph, infant
Randolph, Willie E.
Randolph, Wilmer D.
Rau, Emilie
Rau, Frederick
Rau, Joseph J.
Rau, Minna
Ressmann, Clara
Ressmann, Louis
Rhoades, Eva
Ridgeway, Elizabeth (Wilhelm)
Riley, George
Riley, Richard M.
Riley, Tensey Elizabeth
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Laura A.
Robertson, Caroline S.
Robertson, Nancey
Robertson, Nancy
Robertson, Peter
Robertson, Richard P.
Roeck, John Frederick
Roeck, Mary Augusta
Roeck, Nettie (Wilson)
Rogers, Ida
Rolston, John M.
Rolston, Susie
Russell, Infant (dau)
Russell, J. Oliver
Russell, Louthie K. Kirkpatrick
Russell, S. Jane
Russell, Thomas Peter
Russell, W. T.
Sanders, Howard
Sanders, Joe A.
Sanders, Myrtle A.
Sawyer, John Allie
Schneider, Anna C. (Birk)
Schneider, infant
Schneider, Lohie
Schneider, Louis C.
Schuerg, Ferdinand
Schuerg, Mary
Schuerg, William
Scruggs, J. D.
Scruggs, Jas W.
Scruggs, Nora
Scruggs, Rosa L.
Sheen, John
Sheen, Mary
Sheen, Ollie E.
Shelley, Mrs M.W.
Sieker, Edward Armon
Sieker, Etta (Patton)
Sieker, Sarah Jane
Simpson, Kathryn (Cannon)
Simpson, Louisa F. (picture)
Simpson, S. C. (picture)
Singleton, Phillip DeZavala
Slaughter, Arte A.
Slaughter, Frank M.
Slaughter, infant (female)
Slaughter, infant (female)
Slaughter, Jess J.
Smith, Joseph Orville
Smith, Mrs? M.
Smith, Nellie
Smith, Thomas W.
Smith, Walter Lee
Somersville, Ida F.
Somersville, Thomas H.
Sommerfield, August
Speck, Dorothy Louise
Speck, Fred
Speck, Lena A.
Spinks, Billie Jean
Spinks, Ernest Lowrey
Spinks, Florence (Patton)
Spinks, Homer Roy
Spinks, Joe Alec
Spinks, Maggie Rita
Spinks, Norine Patton
Splittgerber, Julius T.
Spoon, Jacob A.
Spoon, John F.
Spoon, Mattie A.
Spradlen, Luther C.
Stanton, Alice M.
Stanton, John C.
Stanton, Mrs. Mary E.
Stanton, W. A.
Stevens, Louis D.
Stevens, Mrs. Elma
Stevens, Ruby Crisp
Stevens, Walter Wallace
Stewart, Maggie
Stewart, Tom J.
Strickland, Lester
Strickland, Loma
Such, Frank Willy
Sutton, Ambers L.
Sutton, Sarah E.
Swindell, Allen
Swindell, George
Swindell, Mollie
Sykes, Albert
Thomason, M. J.
Thomerson, A. B. "Al"
Thomerson, Albert Benton Jr.
Thomerson, Anne Florence
Thomerson, Cora Jane
Thomerson, David Perry
Thomerson, Edward W.
Thomerson, Eula Martin
Thomerson, George W.
Thomerson, Laura L.
Thomerson, Mary Jane
Thomerson, Nita
Thomerson, Roy Lee
Thomerson, unknown
Thompson, Ada P.
Thompson, Carlos Velica
Thompson, Essie Lou
Thompson, Floyd Lee
Thompson, M. A.
Thompson, Omer F.
Thompson, R. E. "Bill"
Thorn, Emma P.
Thorn, W. B.
Thornton, Gary Kent
Thornton, Horace E.
Thornton, Nell (Murchison)
Thornton, Ora Harris
Tipton, Alice Mae
Tipton, Clay
Tipton, Emma Graham
Tipton, Frank Kelse
Tipton, Henry M.
Tipton, Isaac Nina
Tipton, John N.
Tipton, Margaret Ann
Tipton, Mary Susan
Tipton, Ona
Tipton, Thurman H.
Tipton, W. J.
Tipton, W. L. "Bill"
Trimble, F. M.
Trimble, Huston
Urteaga, Antonia
Urteaga, Francisca "Francis"
Urteaga, George
Vander Stucken, Elva
Vander Stucken, Henry
Vander Stucken, Joseph Otto
Vaughan, Laura E. (Parker)
Volkmann, Anna D.
Volkmann, Dierich F.
Wagley, H.
Wagley, M. B.
Wahrmund, Elizabeth
Wahrmund, Karl
Walker, Dan
Walker, Ernest
Walker, J. R.
Walker, M. N.
Walker, Mary A.
Walker, Ottis
Walker, Reese
Walker, Robert E. Lee
Walker, Sammy Joe
Walker, W. M.
Waller, Martha C.
Waller, William T.
Wallis, James B.
Wallis, Sally D.
Walston, Frank L.
Walston, infant (male)
Walston, Ira Pearl
Walston, M. T.
Walston, Stacy Lynn
Walston, W. D.
Waring, Harold Lucas
Waring, Jack
Waring, Marion
Waring, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth
Waring, Sam
Waring, Wm. Arthur
Warren, Cleo Belle
Watson, Amy
Watson, Eddie
Watson, Edna May
Watson, James
Watters, Mable
Watters, Minerva P.
Watters, Mr. L. M.
Webster, John S.
Webster, Julia Anna
Westbrook, Belle
Westbrook, Dan W.
Westbrook, J. T. "Bud"
White, Dicey J.
White, Flora L.
White, Hardy
White, Jossie
White, S. J.
White, Samuel B.
White?, B. O. G.
Whitley, Missouri A.
Wilhelm, Claudia Grace (nee Lowe)
Wilhelm, Edward H.
Wilhelm, Emma
Wilhelm, Johann F.
Wilhelm, Johanna C.
Wilhelm, John F.
Wilhelm, Melvin Felix
Wilhelm, Walter A.
Wilkerson, Miss F. Lee
Wilkinson, Mary L.
Wilkinson, Mrs. Fletcher
Wilkinson, Nancy R. Mires
Wilkinson, Neal B.
Wilkinson, W. J.
Wilkinson, William J.
Williams, Clarence
Williams, Ernestine A.
Williams, infant
Williams, Nancy A.
Williams, S. H.
Williamson, Lucy A.
Williamson, Weyman
Williamson, Willie W.
Wilson, Auther B.
Wilson, Elizabeth Sheen
Wilson, F. A.
Wilson, Ferd
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Horace N.
Wilson, Joseph W.
Wilson, Lee Anderson
Wilson, Lee F.
Wilson, Lizzie I.
Wilson, Nancy Ann
Wilson, Nora May
Wilson, Riley Alfred
Word, Clay Climons
Word, F. Clim
Word, Forest H.?
Word, G. G.?
Word, Lydia D.
Word, Matilda Elizabeth
Word, Nettie E.
Word, William Edgar
Word, William Franklin
Wright, J. W.
Wyatt, A. B.
Wyatt, Elijah
Wyatt, George A.
Wyatt, Martha J.
Wyatt, Nannie
Wyatt, Willie J.
Wyatt. Mattie Catherine
Yarbrough, Linda
Young, Clarence Milton
Young, Joe Mildred
Zettlemoyer, Anna
Zettlemoyer, Lewis


People reportedly buried in Pioneer Cemetery  with no headstones:

Braly, William Foote
Byrd, Eliza Jane
Crawford, Martha Ann (Braziel)
Crawford, William H.
Ellis, Mary
Ellis, Rena
Hill, Sallie (C.or E.)
Hughes, James Ira
Nelson, Mrs. Lizzie
Oliver, unknown female infant
Sawyer, John Allie
Singleton, Phillip DeZavala
Slaughter, infant (female)
Thomason, M. J. 
Thompson, M. A. 
Wilkinson, Mrs. Fletcher
Williams, S. H. 


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