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Did you know there was an earlier Menard County?

"By the mid-eighteen thirties, (Republic of Texas era), 32 members (of the Congress) had been seated, with eight more added shortly after. According to the constitution, no more counties could be created. The problem was that as more settlers moved in the need for more counties became eminent. So Congress formed sixteen judicial counties known as Spring Creek, Paschal, Ward, Menard, Burnet, Panola, Burleson, Guadalupe, LaBaca, Waco, Neches, Smith, DeWitt, Madison, Trinity and Hamilton. All were exactly the same as any other county with a sheriff, coroner, and so on, only they didn't have a representative in Congress. A Supreme Court decision declared that unconstitutional. In 1842, the Congress accepted that the counties were illegal but added a provision that validated the surveyors' acts."

The early judicial Menard County was created out of Liberty County and occupied the same territory as Tyler County now does. Since it was considered "illegal", the name was available to use for our formation in central Texas.

(Source: STIRPES, June 1998, pg 15----County pub, May/June 1996 "The GHOST COUNTIES"----Michael T. Moore, archivist of the General Land Office)

Since there are very few copies of early Menard newspapers in existence, I look at alternate newspapers, books and papers to find early day events.

Galveston Daily News
Galveston Texas
October 20, 1871

From Austin--Special To The News--Austin, Oct. 19---Senate

BILL PASSED-An act permanently establishing Menardville as the county seat of Menard County.

Individuals at Fort McKavett believed that they would soon develop into a large thriving community and they should have the county seat instead of Menardville. Below is the petition from Menardville transcribed by Wynell Simpson who very graciously offered to share it with the Menard TXGenWeb site. She also provided jpgs of the original documents which can be viewed here. Thank you very much, Wynell!

Menard County Texas Petition

Menard County Texas: Citizens of Re. Removal of county seat
May 25, 1876

To the Honorable Senate and assembly of the State of Texas.

We the undersigned citizens of the County of Menard, State of Texas do most respectfully represent that it is our belief that an effort is being, or will be made to induce your honorable bodies to pass a bill providing for the removal of the county seat of Menard County from Menardville to a point near Fort McKavett. The present county seat is within five miles of the center of the county, and also centrally located in regard to the present settlements whereas McKavett is near the Western line of the county beyond which there is no settlement on account of there being no living water. As this is a frontier county but a small portion of the arable lands along the San Saba River an as yet settled upon though it cannot be more than two or three years before the greater portion of the valley will be occupied at McKavett then on a number of persons who are directly or indirectly connected with the United States Post which is established there; they are not permanent residents of the county, and would be influenced in their votes by a few individuals who wish the county seat removed for their own private interest.

As soon as the county is well settled the greater portion of the population will be along the San Saba river and more or less removed from McKavett, which is near the head of the river. While now, Menardville is more convenient to all, there, it will be much more so. While a removal to our side of the county would be detrimental and injurious to many.

We also have understood that interested parties will ask the Legislature to annex thirty miles of Bexar Territory in which there is probably not a single settler, merely for the purpose of placing the geographical center near McKavett. The county now contains about nine hundred square miles and we do not require any additional territory.

Believing that the proposed change would enure to the benefit of a few, and to the detriment and injury of the greater portion of the people of the county, we would most respectfully present this, our remonstrations against any change either in county seat or county lines,
Menardville, Texas
May 25th 1876

Number - Number on Petition - First Name - Middle - Last Name

1. 001 W P Lancaster
2. 002 J T Scott
3. 003 R P Bedden
4. 004 G P James
5. 005 Owen Gerry
6. 006 C W Dunns
7. 007 W Kincheloe
8. 008 L C Beverley
9. 009 Tlhiel Dodd
10. 010 L Patterson
11. 011 Hugh Leverett
12. 012 L P Sieker?
13. 013 G Peavler
14. 014 R G Godfrey
15. 015 James Nixon
16. 016 Perry Johnson
17. 017 Smith Dunihy
18. 018 W B Ellis
19. 019b J C Burchim
20. 019a Asa Ellis
21. 020 W J Tipton
22. 021 J F Dexter
23. 022 Ge Glasscock
24. 023 Geo. W Thomason
25. 024 D P Thomason
26. 025 W A Bradford
27. 026 J W McCay
28. 027 Olfert Striegler
29. 028 William N Morgan
30. 029 J H Comstock
31. 030 Jack Haze?
32. 031 G F Harris
33. 032 W T Thompson
34. 033 D W Hamilton
35. 034 Patt Flynn
36. 035 John Jackson
37. 036 W C Ellis
38. 037 Geo R Bingham
39. 038 L A Helms
40. 039 Wm Bradford
41. 040b L J Decker
42. 040a J T Scott
43. 041 F M Kitchens
44. 042 A T Lancaster
45. 043 B Anderson
46. 044 G D Scogin
47. 045 F Lloid
48. 046 James Colson
49. 047 D F Key
50. 048 Thomas M Lee
51. 049 Hosa Mareagasea
52. 050 Wm. T Vaughan
53. 051 D M Basham
54. 052 James F Robinson
55. 053 J O Russell
56. 054 H R Kitchens
57. 055 A J Weeren
58. 056 J M Jackson
59. 057 T J Anderson
60. 058 W J Wilkinson
61. 059 M D Chastain
62. 060 John Jackson
63. 061 J C Miller
64. 062 A Bradford
65. 063 R A Winn
66. 064 J FP Kruise
67. 065 P F Mires
68. 066 Enoch Ballor
69. 067 Charles D Hairbanks
70. 068 Danl. Sheets
71. 069 E S Ellis
72. 070 Richard Robertson

Texas State Archives, Austin Texas
Box 100-436 Menard Co Citizens of: Removal of county seat May 25, 1876

Galveston Daily News
Galveston Texas
June 11, 1876

State Senate.
Austin, June 10, 1876

A memorial was presented from citizens of Menard county against removal of the county seat.


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