Menard County Texas

Past Office Holders

County and District Clerks
County Justice of the Peace
County Sheriff's

Menard County Officials 1871

Precinct 1 Commissioner- J. J. Callan
Precinct 2 Commissioner- Thomas J. Keese
Precinct 3 Commissioner- George Paschall
Precinct 4 Commissioner- William J. Vaughan
Chief Justice- Capt. J. J. Callan
Tax Collector- Louis Wilson
County Treasurer- John Bradford
Tax Assessor- L. J. Decker
County Attorney- C. C. Callan

1937 County Officials

County Attorney- E. W. Toepperwein - *Jan 21, 1937

1971 County Officials

Precinct 1 Commissioner- Melvin Swindall
Precinct 2 Commissioner- Lee J. Schneider
Precinct 3 Commissioner- Henry T. Murr
Precinct 4 Commissioner- Minnie Walker
County Judge- Otis Lyckman
Tax Assessor - Collector- Lucille Miller
County Treasurer- Mickey D. Crowell
County Attorney- B. K. Neel
Justice of the Peace-Precinct 1- G. H. Wyman

* denotes information found in Menard newspapers

Note: Information below is based on what was published in the Menard County History-An Anthology, pgs. 14-16. As time allows, I will continue to research this and will list position and terms served above.

Page 14 lists County Creation- Jury, Justices, Judges & Treasurers

Ainsworth, Judge L. W. -pg. 14
Beddow, Judge R. P. -pg. 14
Bradford, John -pg. 14
Burrier, Judge W. R. -pg. 14
Callan, Judge J. J. -pg. 14
Carriger, Harvey (picture) -pg. 14
Crowell, Lois -pg. 14
Crowell, Mickey D. -pg. 14
Dietz, Elsie -pg. 14
Ellis, E. S. -pg. 14
Ellis, Lennie -pg. 14
Franks, Judge W. H. -pg. 14
Hodges, Hollis (picture) -pg. 14
Lewis, W. W. -pg. 14
Low, Richard (picture) -pg. 14
Lyckman, Judge Otis -pg. 14
Lyckman, Otis (picture) -pg. 14
Matthews, Judge J. W. -pg. 14

McGuffin, Ray (picture) -pg. 14
Mires, Judge P. H. -pg. 14
Nixon, Mrs. Will -pg. 14
Robinson, R. -pg. 14
Schuchard, C. C. -pg. 14
Scott, Judge J. T. -pg. 14
Scruggs, J. D. -pg. 14
Scruggs, Judge Jas. W. -pg. 14
Stone, Cap Ellis -pg. 14
Thaxton, Judge T. C. -pg. 14
Thomerson, G. W. -pg. 14
Thomlinson, Moverine (picture) -pg. 14
Tison, Henry -pg. 14
Toepperwein, E. -pg. 14
Vaughn, W. J. -pg. 14
Wallick, Judge Samuel -pg. 14
Winslow, Judge John M. -pg. 14
Wyatt, Judge A. B. -pg. 14

Page 15 lists County Sheriffs, Clerks, Attorneys

and Precincts 1-3 Commissioners

Ainsworth, L. W. -pg. 15
Beddow, R. P. -pg. 15
Benchoff, D. T. -pg. 15
Benson, Roy -pg. 15
Blakely, Sheriff J. M. -pg. 15
Bradford, Burlie -pg. 15
Bradford, Geo. H. -pg. 15
Bradford, Wes -pg. 15
Brown, W. E. -pg. 15
Callan, C. C. -pg. 15
Callan, J. J. -pg. 15
Callan, Joe T. -pg. 15
Campbell, Jno. -pg. 15
Carriger, Harvey -pg. 15
Cart, Sheriff J. W. -pg. 15
Comstock, Sheriff J. H. -pg. 15
Cunningham, Thos. -pg. 15
Decker, H. J. -pg. 15
Dexter, G. W. -pg. 15
Ellis, E. S. -pg. 15
Ellis, W. B. -pg. 15
Flack, Joe P. -pg. 15
Flutsch, Jno. -pg. 15
Fulton, M. -pg. 15
Gay, T. A. -pg. 15
Gibbs, Sheriff J. L. -pg. 15
Haney, Sheriff Billy Joe -pg. 15
Hartgraves, Frank -pg. 15
Hartin, Sheriff W. C. -pg. 15
Head, J. R. -pg. 15
Hill, J. D. -pg. 15
Holmes, W. M. -pg. 15
Howard, Sheriff J. L. -pg. 15
Hubbell, C. M. -pg. 15
Keese, Thos. J. -pg. 15
King, F. R. -pg. 15
Kitchens, F. M. -pg. 15
Lehne, Wm. -pg. 15
Lewis, W. W. -pg. 15
Low, Richard -pg. 15
Martin, Ada -pg. 15
Mayes, Sheriff J. T. -pg. 15
McNeese, John -pg. 15
Mears, Sheriff J. W. -pg. 15
Meers, Bertha -pg. 15
Menzies, Sheriff Max -pg. 15
Merrill, Sheriff Henry -pg. 15
Miller, Sheriff Gay -pg. 15
Mires, P. H. -pg. 15
Murchison, Lee -pg. 15
Murchison, W. K. -pg. 15
Murdock, C. O. -pg. 15
Napier, Sheriff F. L. -pg. 15
Neel, B. K. -pg. 15
Neel, Ben -pg. 15
Neel, F. T. -pg. 15
Nunley, Sheriff C. P. -pg. 15
Paschal, Geo. -pg. 15
Patton, C. C. -pg. 15
Pool, A. R. -pg. 15
Powell, Ves -pg. 15
Prescott, Wm. -pg. 15
Priest, D. T. -pg. 15
Robertson, Peter -pg. 15
Robertson, Sheriff T. G. -pg. 15
Robertson, T. G. -pg. 15
Robinson, R. -pg. 15
Roeck, Nettie -pg. 15
Russell, Sheriff R. R. -pg. 15
Schneider, Lee -pg. 15
Scott, Jno. T. -pg. 15
Sheen, Jno. D. -pg. 15
Slaughter, Sheriff F. M. -pg. 15
Smith, J. D. -pg. 15
Spiller, Sheriff R. H. -pg. 15
Striegler, O. -pg. 15
Swindall, Melvin -pg. 15
Thompson, W. A. -pg. 15
Tipton, Sheriff J. N. -pg. 15
Tison, Sheriff Henry -pg. 15
Toepperwein, H. -pg. 15
Tomlinson, Moverine -pg. 15
Treadwell, O. P. -pg. 15
VanderStucken, E. -pg. 15
Waddell, E. -pg. 15
Waller, B. H. -pg. 15
Wallich, Sm'l -pg. 15
Walston, Sheriff Cecil -pg. 15
Westbrook, R. V. -pg. 15
Whitaker, James -pg. 15
Wilhelm, Joe -pg. 15
Wilkinson, E. G. -pg. 15
Wilkinson, W. J. -pg. 15
Wilkinson, Woodrow -pg. 15
Williams, Frank. -Appointed Nov 1885 (Co Atty)
Wilson, Sheriff Louis -pg. 15
Wright, J. A. -pg. 15

Galveston Daily News
Galveston Texas
November 18, 1885

Letter From Menardville
(To The News)
The Commissioners Court, in sesson now at Menardville, to-day appointed Frank Williams, an attorney at law at this place, county attorney. Mr. Williams is lately from that fine old state, Tennessee. Ours is an unexceptionable Commissioners Court, who do all things well.

Pg 16 Continues Prec's 3 & 4, Tax Assessors

and Justices of the Peace, Prec 1

Bethel, Homer -pg. 16
Bethel, M. -pg. 16
Bourland, B. L. -pg. 16
Boyce, Eli -pg. 16
Brown, Geo. -pg. 16
Burbank, G. G. -pg. 16
Callan, J. J. -pg. 16
Callan, Jas. -pg. 16
Callan, Jos. T. -pg. 16
Callan, Leo A. -pg. 16
Carriger, Joe -pg. 16
Chastain, J. A. -pg. 16
Crump, T. V. -pg. 16
Decker, L. J. -pg. 16
Ellis, Fred A. -pg. 16
Flutsch, R. H. -pg. 16
Franks, W. H. -pg. 16
Furr, A. J. -pg. 16
Gonzales, Ersilia (Sheila) -pg. 16
Haby, Emil F. -pg. 16
Hodges, Hollis -pg. 16
Hodges, J. W. -pg. 16
Hubbell, G. M. -pg. 16
Jackson, F. W. -pg. 16
Jackson, Jas. M. -pg. 16
Key, D. P. -pg. 16
Kitchens, F. M. -pg. 16
Kitchens, Marion -pg. 16
Layton, Jos. -pg. 16
Lehne, Geo. -pg. 16
Lewis, Jno. T. -pg. 16
Lewis, W. W. -pg. 16
Matthews, J. W. -pg. 16
McDonald, T. R. -pg. 16
McGuffin, Ray -pg. 16
McWilliams, H. O. -pg. 16
Mears, J. W. -pg. 16
Miller, Lucille -pg. 16
Montgomery, Chas. C. -pg. 16
Moorhaus, James -pg. 16
Morris, T. J. -pg. 16
Murr, Henry -pg. 16
Murray, J. W. -pg. 16
Night, Sam -pg. 16
Opp, H. B. -pg. 16
Patton, D. D. -pg. 16
Pullen, A. W. -pg. 16
Roeck, F. F. -pg. 16
Russell, Max -pg. 16
Sellers, Isaac -pg. 16
Sieker, E. Al -pg. 16
Sieker, F. L. -pg. 16
Stinnett, Tom -pg. 16
Thomerson, G. -pg. 16
Thomerson, G. W. -pg. 16
Toepperwein, E. -pg. 16
Tomlinson, W. R. -pg. 16
Trimble, Walter -pg. 16
Vaughan, Wm. J. -pg. 16
Walich, Sam'l -pg. 16
Walker, Johnnie -pg. 16
Walker, Minnie -pg. 16
Wallace, S. W. -pg. 16
Wallich, Jno. -pg. 16
Wallis, J. B. -pg. 16
Wilkinson, W. J. -pg. 16
Wilson, Henry -pg. 16
Wyman, G. H. -pg. 16

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