Menard County Texas

Timeline of Menard County, Texas

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1690- Spain founded it's first missions in Texas because of French explorations. They would then abandon the region temporarily.

1716- Spain founded San Antonio.

1753- Lieutenant Juan Galvan and Fray Miguel de Aranda explored the San Saba River and located two mission sites.

1755- From December 1, 1754 to January 17, 1755, Don Pedro Rabago y Teran and Father Joseph Lopez, in response to an order by the Viceroy, explored more thoroughly the sites selected for the missions on the San Saba River by Galvan and Aranda.

1757- Don Diego Ortiz Parrilla, who had assumed command after the death of Pedro de Rabago, transferred the presidio and missions of San Xavier to the San Saba River sites.

1758- Around 7:00 a.m. on the morning of March 16, 1758, an Indian force estimated at between 2,000 and 3,000 descended on the inadequately fortified mission complex and burned it to the ground.. The total number of persons present at the mission was between 27 and 35.

1761- Captain Felipe de Rabago Y Teran began work to replace the log presidio (San Luis de las Amarillas) with a stone structure.

1768- Rabago abandoned the Presidio without orders in June.

1770- Manuel Antonio de Oca reoccupied the Presidio briefly during early 1770 but then abandoned it for good that same year.

1776- Declaration of Independance adopted.

1831- Bowie reported to have had his fight with 164 Indians near the old San Saba mission.

1835- Texas secedes from Mexico.

1845- Texas annexed into the United States

1852- Fort McKavett was founded to protect scattered settlers from marauding Indians.

1858- Menard County came into existance by an act of the seventh legislature from Bexar County.

1859- Along with other Texas posts, Fort McKavett was evacuated by the Union Army and held by the Confederates during the Civil War years.

1866- Menard County settlers tried to organize in 1866 but failed to muster the number of votes to go into permanent organization.

1868- Federal troops return to Fort McKavett.

1869- Ronald S. Mackenzie came to Fort McKavett as colonel of the Forty-first U.S. Infantry.

1871- Menard County organized by the Twelfth Legislature, at its second session, passed an act designating the town of Menardville as the County Seat.

1874- First irrigation cooperative formed.

1883- The fort was closed and nearby settlers moved into the vacant buildings and organized the nucleus of the village of Fort McKavett.

1886- Courthouse built for about $12, 000.

1889- B. L. Bourland began the Menardville Record Newspaper.

1893- The Menard County Enterprise was established by Dave Maddox who published the paper for several years. 

1899- Severe flood which washed away part of town and numerous homes. It is estimated that 75% of the community's crops were destroyed.

1911- Railroad came to Menard.

1927- Mission Theater built in Menard.

1930- Present-day Menard County Courthouse built.

1936- N. H. Pierce established the Menard News on November 5, 1936 .

1941- N. H. Pierce acquired the Messenger in 1941 and merged it with the Menard News forming the present-day Menard News and Messenger. 

1972- The last train pulled out of Menard and the depot donated to the town of Menard for a museum.

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