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Marriage Announcement Index


1891 Marriage Announcement
William Lehne and Clare Champie -

1914 Marriage Announcements
Floyd Miller and Ella Lewis,
Ed Luckenbach and Leska Berring,
Will Amaon and Lettie Mae Stewart,
Earnest Amaon and Male Ivey

1915 Marriage Announcements
Duff Hale and Bessie Byrd
General Hamby and ?
Russell Callan and Catherine Darter
R. D. Dunson and Nellie Pope
T. W. Cowand and Mrs. Alvina McMurtrey

1916 Marriage Announcements
Exa McDonald and Alva Shafer
J. T. Scott and Alice Thomas
Dan Westbrook and Hallie Woolf
Florent Kiehne and Winnie Crowell
W. B. Owens and Edoucia Harrington
V. W. Turberville and Mary E. Holland
James H. DeLong and Lydia Goldwire
Houston Callan and Nellie White
Clayton Murchison and Willie May Hubbard
J. C. "Jimmie" Crowell and Willie Henderson

1917 Marriage Announcements
Henry Stewart and Mabel McMurtrey
Jim Pettigrew and Avis Walker
J. F. Mayes and Fannie Spring
Joe Hill and Maude Mogford
Otto W. Ellis and Alice O. Rutledge
F. L. DeSpain and Ethel Adams
Dennies Watter and Birdie Jackson
Seth Bolt and Lottie Smith
Arenie Bolt and Cledah Smith
Willis Gill and Cathren Bishop
M. B. Kincaid and Cordella McWilliams
Aubrey Leveridge and Annie Callan
T. E. H. Buckston and Linnie Haught
W. O. Kirchner and Nora Bell McCollum
Dyke Ward and Irene Gay
Harrell Baker and Mariel Crabtree
Bob Westbrook and Ruth Avery
Ben Luckenbach and Myrtle Rogers
W. M. Hill and Clara Pfeifer
Wade Crowell and Ruth Harryman
Theodore Hamilton and Lovie Ellis
Grear Honeycut and Ola Blair
Nic Arie and Annie Gauny
Julius Rasmussen and Rachel Miller
Harry H. Levinson and Mary Schuster
S. W. Alexander and Nannie Starkey
Mr. Scott and Lela Thompson
Hugh Spiller and Norma Luckenbach
Homer Fleming and Annie Herbst
S. E. Huie and Rena Lohn
Harrison Williams and Rebecca Smith
Bennie Wyatt and Buella Kirkpatrick

1918 Marriage Announcements
Arthur Burleson and Doyle Tindell
Virgil M. MucMullen and Lille Morris
Richard Vehle and Bessie Taylor
George Morrah and Maud Harris
Otis Moser and Rachel Walker
Ben Parker and Gene Benchoff
Fred Jobes and Ethel Maddox
Peter Anderegg and Minna L. Bartling


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Miscellaneous Announcements

Ellis, Miss Ida 1884

Maddox, Doc 1884


Marriage Invitation

Elva Harris to Henry Vander Stucken -June 29, 1898


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