Menard County Texas

Michel Branamour Menard

If you are interested in the history/lineage of Michel Branamour Menard, you need to look in Galveston, Galveston County, Texas for records and documents. Michel B. Menard NEVER lived in our county, nor did he ever visit the area to the best of my knowledge.

Our county was named to honor Menard's contributions to Texas, not because he had a connection to this area. In fact, it was just the luck of the draw that our county was named for Menard. The Texas Congress tried to honor Michel B. Menard by naming a county for him in the mid 1830's but the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. When it came time to form and name counties in our area, the Texas Congress finally had a chance to fulfill their plans to honor him.

The picture of Michel used on the index page came from a newspaper article printed for Menard's Centennial Celebration. The following inscription accompanied the picture:

"Col. Michel B. Menard, whose portrait appears above, was born in Canada of French parentage in 1805, and came to Texas in 1833, after a number of years previously spent among the Shawnee Indians. He gladly cast his fortune with the struggling Texas colonists to break the yoke of Mexico.

Fitted by inclination and natural endowment, his great industry and capacity enabled him to render conspicuous service to the Texas Patriots in this great cause that had its happy termination in San Jacinto.

This picture is an enlargement from an old daguerreotype of Col. Menard, formerly owned by Col. Thomas F. McKinney of Galveston and Austin, whose close personal friend and business associate he was. The owners of this original, relatives of Col. McKinney, have taken pleasure in cooperating with Judge J. M. Matthews so that people of Menard County could have this authentic likeness of one of the most heroic and outstanding characters of early Texas history and in whose honor the County and County seat have been named. Picture by Jordon Co., Austin, Texas"

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