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Ft. McKavett-A Military Post

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Fort McKavett was originally known as Camp San Saba in the mid 1850's but it would later be named Fort McKavett in honor of Captain Henry McKavett. Bvt. Lieutenant-Colonel W. G. Freeman, Assistant Adjutant General, inspected this post on August 19, 1853.

The post was active from 1852–1859, then again from 1868–1883.

"Scabtown", a civilian community, sprang up about a mile north of the camp to provide amenities for the soldiers. Suppliers had important and lucrative contracts with the Army to provide hay, grain, beef, and contract wagons. The quartermaster purchased fresh beef from local ranchers at 10 cents per pound, and the fort purchased 2,000 to 3,000 pounds each month. Hay was delivered at $8.60 per ton for mules and other livestock. Corn cost $1 per bushel. Lumber could be purchased for 4 cents per foot, and wood shingles for $3 to $3.75 per thousand. Fort McKavett provided the first school in the area-along with teachers for all children, both military and civilian-and they hired locals for clerical and mechanical services. The fort's hospital had trained medical personnel and was available for civilian use at the cost of $1 per day for staying in the hospital. When the fort closed about 1859, a large portion of the Scabtown community left for other protected areas.

At the height of the Indian Wars, Fort McKavett consisted of six barracks, 12 officers' quarters, a munitions storage area, hospital, guardhouse, post office, bakery, two storehouses, three stables, the headquarters and a forage house.

I have heard reports that Elliot Roosevelt, younger brother of President Theodore Roosevelt, visited Ft. McKavett area. The Southwestern Historical Quarterly seems to verify this when they state:..... His daughter (Elliot Roosevelt's daughter) published in 1932 five letters he wrote from Fort McKavett in her book "Hunting Big Game in the 80s." ..............(source: Colonel M. L. Crimmins, "Fort McKavett, Texas", Volume 38, Number 1, Southwestern Historical Quarterly Online,

The post was abandoned in June 1883 and the abandoned buildings would soon be occupied by civilians. (See the Community of Fort McKavett)

The Military Fort

Soldiers Stationed at the fort for the 1870 census

Lewis Alexander
Henry Anderson
Anderson Armstrong
Peter Baker
Samuel Barnes
Henry Basey
David Bates
Beverly Blakie
Harrison Bland
Joseph Blanton
James Bowie
Bartley Bowman
John Bowton
Granderson Braddock
William Bradley
John Brent
Henry Brink
John Brockton
William Bromback
Richard Brookins
Charles H. Brown
David Brown
Joseph Brown
Geo W Bundy?
Mark Bunton
George Burns
John Butler
John Campbell
Allen Carpenter
Thomas Carter
John Carter
Grendy Chestnut
Andrew Christopher
Alexander Clark
Louis Clark
James A. Clark
James T. Clark
Benj Clemens
Jefferson Co
Robert Coleman
Gilbert Collier
Robert Collins
Charles Comfrey
James Conner
George Cook
Clarkson W. Corsey
Allen Crage
John Craig
James Crow
David Crowdis
George Cummins
William Curtis
Charles H Davis
George Davis
Charles Davis
George Davis
Allen S Dent
Charles H. Dent
Washington Dowtha
Joseph C Dungie
Smith Dunihy
George Dunlap
Samuel Edwards
Joseph Ennis
Basil Fantroy
Henry R. Fish
David Fletcher
Caleb H? Floyd
William Foster
James Freeman
Joseph Gant
Spencer Gill
Adam Girows/Girvens/Givens
Talton Good
Robert Goodson
Richard Goram
Charles Gordon
Jacob V Gordon
John Graves
Henry Green
John S.? Green
William L. Green
James Grey
Isaac Griffin
Henry Grunder
Edward Grundy
Edward Hanson
Charles L. Harris
George Harris
Thomas Henderson
Robert Henry
Izra Herd
Pleasant Hieskel
Conway Hill
Pleasant Hopkins
Joseph Howard
Jordan Hunter
Lewis Hunter
George Hutchison
Daniel Jackson
Henry Jackson
Richard Jackson
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson
William J. Jackson

George Jacobs
Jacob Jarrett
Beverly Johnson
Charles Johnson
Henry Johnson
Horace Johnson
Merrit Johnson
William Johnson
Charles Johnson
Albert Johnston
Beverly Jones
John Jones
Joshua Jones
Wilmer Jones
Simon Kane
Jacob Kindred
Columbus Knowles
David Laforce
Pope Lane
John Langster
Joseph F. Leonard
Edward Lewis
William Mack
Joseph Marshall
Adkins Martin
George Martin
Lewis Mason
George Mathews
Joseph Mermier
Charles Miller
Stephen Miller
Andrew Mills
John H. Mitchel
John Monroe
Robert Moore
Benjamin Morell
Henry Morris
Henry Moseby
Israel Murphy
James Naylor
Isaac Offord
Tasco Orange
John Payne
Samuel Pitman
Edward Plasby
Andrew Raley
Joseph Ray
Shelton Reddon
Louis Roberts
Nicholas Rochester
Lewis Ross
John W. Rover
Marshall Sampson
Stephen Saunders
Henry Scott
James Scott
Walter Scott
Isaac Sellers
Charles Shands
Geo W Sharp
Lenard Shelton
Henry Smith
John Smith
William Smith
Emanuel Stanz
Peter Stevenson
James H. Sullival
George Sylvester
Samuel Taylor
Zachariah Taylor
Zackariah Taylor
John Thomas
John Thomas
John Thomas
John W Thomas
Lenard Thomas
Mason Thompson
Dred Tucker
John Turpin
Greer Umber
Ranson Valentine
James Walker
Geo Washington
William H. Washington
Samuel Watson
Mack Weir
Washington White
Zachariah Whitesides
Jacob Wilkes
Moses Will
Ansterd Williams
George Williams
Henry Williams
Larkin Williams
Moses Williams
Newton Williams
Clay Wilson
Daniel Wilson
John Wilson
Lewis Wilson
Alexander Winfield
Solomon Woods
Major Woodward
David Young


John Bullis
Colonel H. B. Clitz- Nov 15, 1874 (Source: Galveston News)
Bethel M Custer
Geo W Dodd?
General Abner Doubleday - 1872 (Source: Galveston News)
Frank P Gress
Edward M Heyl
Henry W Lawton

Hospital Steward W. H. See is relieved from duty at Fort McKavett, and ordered to Fort Clark for duty. (Source: Galveston Daily News-Galveston Texas-August 24, 1873)

Companies Garrisoned at Ft. McKavett

I'm still researching this information.


4th Cavalry

Company A: March 1868 – March 1869 and February 1874 – January 1875 ----7 men in Co A, 4th Cavalry were awarded the Medal of honor.
Company F: April 1868 – November 1868
Company G: February 1875 – March 1875
Company M: August 1874 – January 1875 and January 1881 – February 1881

9th Cavalry

Buffalo Soldiers
Sgt Emanuel Stance of Co F, 9th Cavalry awarded the Medal of honor

10th Cavalry

Co C and Co K were buffalo soldiers


2nd Dragoons


1st Infantry
8th Infantry
10th Infantry
16th Infantry
22nd Infantry

24th Infantry

In 1869, the 24th Infantry was founded at Fort McKavett with the consolidation of the 41st and 38th Infantry regiments. Buffalo Soldiers?

Headquarters: October 1869 – August 1872
Company A: July 1871 – August 1872
Company C: July 1871 – October 1872
Company D: October 69 – February 72
Company E: July 1870 – October 1872
Company H: July 1871 – October 1872
Company I: July 1871 – October 1872

25th Infantry

Buffalo Soldiers?

Company C: July 1870 – July 1871
Company H: July 1870 – July 1871

35th Infantry


*Sources: Texas Parks and Wildlife, Handbook of Texas Online, Friends of Ft McKavett State Historical Site,


Pictures I've taken of Ft. McKavett

Headstone pictures from McKavett Cemetery


The Community of Fort McKavett came into existance when the fort was abandoned. (See more about the Community of Ft. McKavett)

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