Menard County Texas

WWII Soldiers


In 1943? the Menard National Bank of Menard published a small public service booklet called:

"Menard County, Texas-Two Years of War".

Their disclaimer said "Issued in the interest of our fighting men and their families. Herein, we have attempted to list our fighting men. It does not purport to be complete and for any names missing, we apologise in advance."

It was said to include information known up to December 1, 1943. "The ranks of our officers are not known to the compiler, so first and second lietenants are reported together. The rank given is the last reported to us."

Injured in WWII:

Whittaker, James- "wounded in Italy"

Heyman, R. M. Jr- "prisoner in Germany"

Anderegg, Alfred- "prisoner in Germany"


Navy, Coast Guard, Sea Bees, Marines, Merchant Marines


Anderegg, Bartling Bethel, Ion Toepperwein, Herman



Alcosar, Joe

Alexander, William B

Allen, Jess W.

Alverson, Dick

Alverson, Dwight

Armstrong, Haniel

Armstrong, Hulan

Boaz, K. R.

Bowers, Dell W.

Bowers, Richard

Braly, Houston

Briley, Vernon

Brown, Elton

Brownfield, Joe A.

Busby, Roy C.

Cathey, Wm. R. Jr.

Chadwick, Clifford

Cowsert, Bobbie

Cox, J. B.

Davis, Damon

Davis, Wm B.

Decker, Melvin

Dietz, Albert

Eaker, Damon

Ellis, Ben

Gibbs, James

Graham, Charley

Haney, Billy Joe

Hardin, Bee

Hight, Charles

Hubbard, Virgil

Jacobs, John C.

Kilgore, Victor

Klett, Davis

Lake, Al

Laning, Carrol

Linn, Comer

Lovelace, Thurston

Loyd, Leonard

Luckenbach, Roy Jr.

Matthews, Sam

Mauldin, Ed

Mauldin, James

McSherry, Ben

McSherry, Clay

McWilliams, Wendel

Menzies, George Jr.

Miller, Jack

Mogford, Leon W.

Moser, Jack

Murdoch, C. O.

Neel, Benjamin

New, Weston

Oliver, Billy

Oliver, Horace

Ory, George

Osteen, Aaron

Palmer, Walter B.

Parker, Clarence

Parker, Elvis

Parker, J. D.

Pearl, Alvah

Perry, Clyde

Perry, Hubert

Perry, Marvin


Placker, Alvin

Placker, Ed

Pope, Chester

Pope, Fendel

Powell, Gregory

Ralston John M.

Reyna, Frank

Robinson, Loraine

Rogers, Murphy

Sims, Son

Slaughter, Meredith

Smith, Aubrey

Spence, George

Stewart, Hayden

Templeton, Bernard

Thompson, Frank

Thorn, A. J.

Vaughn, Son

Wagner, Howard

Waker, R. J.

Wallick, Sidney

Walston, Jack

Westbrook, Chas. M.

Westbrook, Edwin

White, D. David

White, J. D.

Wickson, Olin

Wiley, J. B.

Wilkinson, Francis Lamar

Wilkinson, Vernon

Willman, Sam Jr.

Word, Hughson


Army Personnel


Lieutenant Colonels

Leakey, Frank N

Wheless, Hewitt T.



Bethel, Lenson

Bethel, Milligan

Cooper, W. L.

Hume, E. B.


Appleman, J. C.

Crump, Hanson

Harper, James C. Jr.

Martin, Carl A. Jr

Mears, Edward L. Jr.

Menzies, Perry

Stengel, George J.

Treadwell, Ray S.

Wilkinson, Chas. M. Jr

Winslow, John M.


Anderegg, Alfred

Baker, Middleton

Benton, Ray

Briley, Herbert M.

Brisbin, Albert W.

Callan, Russell Jr

Corder, Marvin

Davis, Gene Franklin

Everett, Allan

Fairchild, M. E.

Ford, G. W. Jr.

Freeman, Joe

Goule, Ernest

Graham, Owen H.

Hargraves, Perry

Highsmith, Ray

Huss, George

Jacoby, Pete

Keller, Blanton

Kidd, Billy

Lehne, Louis

Marsh, Denver

McInnis, Winston

Melvin, Roy

Mogford, Lorenzo M.

Murdoch, Henry C.

Nauwald, Wm. A.

Neel, Frederick T. Jr.

Nixon, Hayden Jr

Nixon, J. F. Jr

Powell, John A.

Prugel, James

Thornton, Horace E.

Tillman, A. Y. Jr.

Walker, A. H.

Walston, Cecil D.

Walston, Dayton F.

Westbrook, J. T.

Wooten, Don O.



Adams, Buck
Aguirre, Joe
Allison, Wayne
Amos, Harold
Armstrong, Claude
Armstrong, Felix
Armstrong, N. C. Jr
Armstrong, W. L.
Arnold, Gerald
Ashby, Arvin
Ashby, Charles
Ashby, Ervin
Atchison, Charley
Bailey, Dewey
Bailey, J. L.
Baker, Henry Starr
Baker, Marion
Baker, Marvin
Baker, Robert
Baker, Steve
Barker, Jesse James
Benson, Earl
Benton, Lawrence
Benton, Vance
Bethel, Carroll B.
Beyer, Joe
Beyer, Wyatt
Bowers, Alva Ray
Bradford, D. C.
Bradford, Maurice
Bradford, Paul
Bradford, Penry?
Braly, Ben
Braly, Howelland
Brown, Anson
Brownfield, Jack
Baumguardner, Arthur
Burk, Houston
Burleson, Burt
Byrd, Chas.
Carter, Wm.
Cartwright, Ira Lee
Cassell, Thomas
Castleberry, Archie
Castleman, J. B.
Cavitt, Kenneth
Chapman, Blanton
Chapman, Raymond
Clark, Clarence
Clark, Vernon M.
Clendenan, Harold
Colbaugh, Freddie
Colbaugh, Orvil L.
Conn, R. C.
Corbell, Cecil
Corder, Keith
Corder, Milton
Costillo, Guadalupe
Crabb, Travis D.
Crisp, Clarence
Crisp, Johnnie
Crisp, Lester
Crisp, Oliver T.
Crowell, Dayton
Crowell, James Jr.
Davis, Dayne
Davis, Fred Jr.
Decker, Dennis
Decker, Joseph
D'Spain, France
durgan, Billy Ray
Eaker, Andrew
Eaker, Joe
Ellis, Ressman
Flores, Tomas Jr.
Glowers, O. J. Jr.
Fulcher, Elton Anton
Fulcher, Warren G.
Furr, Stroud
Garcia, Alfredo
Garcia, Ruben
Garcia, Raoul
Garza, Jesus
Glimp, rubel
Gobe., O. B.
Goble, R. A.
Gonzales, Braulio S.
Gonzales, Emilliano
Gonzales, Librador
Gonzales, Pedro
Graham, John Robert
Greenwood, M. J.
Griffin, Herschel
Haby, Fred W.
Hagans, Freddie
Hagans, Leon
Haley, Earl
Hall, Ben
Hall, Leroy
Hamilton, Hayden
Hawkins, Amzior
Hawkins, Clay
Hawkins, Wm. B. Jr.
Hayburst, W. O.
Heiman, Carl
Hendricks, Carson

Hernandez, Espirion
Heyman, James J.
Heyman, Roscoe M. Jr.
Hicks, Lon
Highsmith, Vaughn
hight, Clifford
Hight, T. C.
Hill, Elvin Ardell
Hill, Victor
Hinkle, Sam
Hodges, Frank C. Jr.
Hodges, Hollis
Hodges, Johnny
Hogan, Terry
Holland, Tyrus R.
Howard, Homer
Hubbell, Elmer
Hubbell, George
Hurd, Burleigh Jr.
Huss, Ben
Jackson, Hayden
Jackson, Leslie D.
Jacoby, Harold
Jacoby, Harry
Jacoby, T. J.
Johnson, Guy
Johnson, Walter
Johnston, J. R. Jr.
Jones, Carroll
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Johnnie
Jones, Joe Arthur
Jones, Lester
Jones, Paul
Keese, Arthur
Keese, Ollie
Keith, Cecil
Key, Tommy
Kidd, Jarvis
King, Roy B.
King, Ralph
Kinman, Thomas
Kinney, James E.
Kirchner, Cecil
Kirchner, Sam
Kitchens, Albert
Kothmann, F. D.
Lagow, James H. Jr
Lebrick, Roy
Lehne, George Jr.
Leverett, Clyde
Levinson, Sidney
Lewis, Derrell D.
Lewis, Donald H.
Lively, Harold L.
Locklear, Jasper D.
Logan, Johnie
Low, Adam
Low, buster
Low, Jack
Low, Walter
Loyd, William
Luckenbach, Roger
Martin, R. A.
Martin, R. L.
Martinez, Jesus
Matthews, Bryant
Matthews, Wimberly
McDonald, Clarence
McLarty, Seth
McSherry, Roy
McSherry, Thomas
McTaggart, Richard R.
McWilliams, A. J.
McWilliams, James C.
Mears, Herbert H. Jr
Mears, Milton
Mireles, Tomas
Mogford, Harold N.
Molloy, Dan
Morales, Manuel
Morales, Octavio
Mundine, Earl
Munroe, Earl
Munroe, Raymond
Murray, Bobby
Murray, Daniel
Murray, Gerald
Nixon, Clayton
Nixon, James B.
Nixon, Raymond
Obenchain, Durward
Ortego, Alfredo
Ortegon, Alfen
Ortegon, Ramon
Osteen, Albert T.
Parker, Alvin
Parker, Alvis
Parker, Earl
Pearl, Clayton
Peavy, Albert
Peterson, James
Pettigrew, Davis
Pierce, Edgar
Placker, Bruce
Placker, Lendon

Pool, Joseph
Pope, Abner
Pope, Finley
Pope, Tully
Powell, B. G.
Powell, Joe S.
Puckitt, L. W. Jr.
Quiros, Crispin
Quiros, David E.
Quiros, Santiago
Quiros, Santos
Quisenberry, Frank
Rambo, Carey
Ramirez, Jose
Ramon,Hisidoro G.
Ramsey, Sidney L.
Rau, son
Reeves, Kenney
Reichenau, Hilton
Rendon, Gilbert
Reynolds, Robert
Rhymes, Jessie B.
Rich, John
Rivera, Priscilliano
Roberts, Dayton
Rodgers, Emmet
Rohers, Mack
Rodgers, Manuel
Rodgers, Willard
Rodriquez, Enrique R.
Rodrigues, Jimmy
Rodriguez, Pete
Rosas, Antonio
Ruff, Otto
Saiz, Juan
Sanchez, Joe
Schrier, Odus W.
Sides, Louis W. Jr
Simmons, Louis
Simmons, Oscar
Simmons, Roger
Slaughter, Dale
Slaughter, Talbot
Smith, A. W.
Smith, Freeman
Smith, Odell
Smith, Richard
Stephens, Narres
Stephenson, Willie
Stevens, Bihl
Stevens, John
Stevens, Mervin
Stoddard, Dale
Stockton, Ervin W.
Sutton, Harve
Talavera, Jesus
Talavera, Joe
Templeton, Willis
Thaxton, George
Thornton, Ed
Tillman, Frank
Tomlinson, Wylie R. Jr.
Trimble, Earl A.
Trimble, Van
Turner, Herbert
Underwood, C. J.
Urteago, Frank
Valdez, Juan
Valdez, Jose Perez
Vickers, Orvil
Waddell, Alf
Wagner, Boss
Wagner, Jess
Wagner, Russell
Walker, Dick
Walker, Wesley
Wallace, Delbert
Wallace, Forest
Wallace, Sterling
Walston, Gordon
Walston, Joe
Watson, Durward
Watson, James
Westbrook, Gainey
White, Lemuel
Whitley, Malcolm
Whittaker, James
Whittaker, Walter
Wilkinson, Archibald
Wilkinson, Jack
Williams, Milton
Williamson, Alton A.
Williamson, Carroll E.
Williamson, Lawrence
Williamson, Wayne
Wilson, Harold N.
Wilson, Raymond
Woolf, Henry
Woolf, Thomas
Word, Almus
Wright, Barney
Wyatt, Lamar
Wyatt, Phieas B.
Zambrano, Julian
Zamora, B. A.
Zimmerman, Thurman

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