Menard County Texas


(pic source: A Braly)

James Callan gave the railroad a site for a depot and the right-of-way to cross his land to connect Brady and Menard. The Richey-DeFreest Land Company formed the Callan City Company to build a stopover community. At its peak the Callan community had a hotel, a general store, a lumberyard, and a livery stable and wagonyard, in addition to the stockyards that the railroad company had built. It is my understanding that the Callan depot was later sold and moved into Menard where it was used as a school for a period of time. It still stands and is now a private residence. (source: GCBrown)

(Additional information: Handbook of Texas Online: Callan)

The Rio Grande-and Fort Worth

The Frisco Employes' Magazine
December 1924
pg 23

[Excerpt] ......."Callan, 215 miles from Fort Worth, is a small, non-agency station, but is interesting to Frisco folks for two outstanding reasons. First, it is the highest point on the entire Frisco System, not even excepting the celebrated Ozarks. Second, it is at this point that the Frisco Railway obtains the cheapest water on the entire System-and it is good water. On the top of a hill. on the right-of-way, where they dug on advice of an old time cattleman, after exhausting all their own theories, they struck water at a denth of twenty feet. Three windmills provide the power, and a gravity water line fills the water tank at the bottom of the hill." (......cut)


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