Can Aronia Berries Protect Against Heart Disease?

January 5, 2021 0 Comments

Aronia is a deciduous genus of shrubs, with the genus name containing the word aron meaning “king”. The family that contains the shrubs is known as the Cyperus genus and they are native to North America, specifically in the southern part of the United States. Aronia latifolia is the common name for the shrub, which has a profusion of branches that end in a terminal leaf. The leaves are needle shaped, almost like the foliage of a raspberry. It is also called the golden cypress.

A variety of jams, juices, teas, powders and breath-freshening products are produced from aronia berries. A common product that has been created from the dried plums is called Aronia juice, which has become extremely popular in recent years because it contains a natural sweetness and is very drinkable. Another product called Aronia breath-freshening powder was created from the dried powder and has become extremely popular, especially with individuals who suffer from certain respiratory ailments. This powder goes through a specific purification process to remove any tannins, enzymes or astringents before being mixed with water.

There are many varieties of Aronia products that are currently on the market. One such product is called Aronia chew and is a very popular energy and mind stimulant. It also has a strong laxative effect and can be used as a natural diuretic. A highly recommended throat rinse for people who have sore throats caused from colds or flu is Aronia jam. Most people simply gargle with a glass of warm water after eating or drinking any of these jams, juices or powders, which leave no lasting aftertaste.

Some people believe that the dried fruit itself is the source of the amazing health benefits associated with Aronia berries, but this is not true. The actual antioxidant activity comes from the phytochemicals that occur naturally in the seed. Because of this, there is a potential health benefit when using the fresh fruit itself as a supplement or eating a regular serving of the dried fruit.

When looking for a good food to boost your health, you should look for foods with a combination of nutrients including lots of antioxidant activity. Since the dried form of Aronia berries may not provide the full spectrum of nutrients that the fresh product does, it is possible to find other good foods with similar antioxidant activity that will still boost your health and help you lose weight. This suggests that the dried form of Aronia berries may not be one of the best foods to boost your weight loss, but may actually have potential healthy food benefits.

In addition to potential healthy food benefits, there are some exciting new sources of antioxidants, including some varieties of fresh aronia berries. Incorporating high quality antioxidants into your diet can improve the function of many enzymes and other molecules. For example, there is evidence that high quality antioxidant polyphenols may reduce the risk of cancers of the colon, ovaries and prostate. Dried fruits that contain vitamin C are also likely to be effective in lowering blood pressure, while reducing inflammation and improving the function of the immune system. In addition, antioxidants from the Symonds and Brazil nuts have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, while increasing HDL cholesterol.