How Effective Is Aronia Juice For Immune Health?

January 5, 2021 0 Comments

Aronia is a Greek genus of deciduous shrubs, with a common name of chokeberry shrub. It is commonly found in dry wooded areas, forests and swamps in the eastern U.S. and in the southern part of Africa. The genus is considered to have two or several species, with one of them being naturalized in Europe. The leaves of these plants are quite thick, with a number of lobed and pinnately compound leaflets, which are long and oval-shaped and about two to three inches long. Each leaf also possesses a pair of pointed ovate style flowers.

The name Aronia comes from the Greek words are (meaning oak) and minor (meaning wild oats). Native to Greece and Asia, this shrub is known for its many uses. One such use has been for a source of energy in the eastern European countries as well as in north America. Not only is it used for its edible fruit, Aronia berries are also produced by this shrub.

The botanical name of this plant is Aronia spinosa, also known as the wild oats shrub. It can be found in a number of locations throughout the eastern Europe as well as in North America. The most common … Read More